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About my blog

My blog is about my experience on a spiritual journey to find freedom and peace in this present moment. This journey is infused with metta, Pali word for lovingkindness. a friendliness of the soul to be gentle in this experience of life. and to share this journey with fellow-travelers. writing this gives me immense joy. I hope reading it brings you joy and peace.

with deep respect and abiding metta,


7 responses to “About my blog

  1. Preethi says:

    my dear shub,
    this has been a totally refreshing experience. I must say your writing almost does justice to who u are! 🙂 it is beautiful, thought-provoking and as always.. inspiring!

  2. shub50 says:

    My pyaari preethamma, you are the best and most wonderful sister one could hope to have!! :).
    talk to you soon!! :). love,love,love, shub.

  3. saraswathi says:

    dear subbu
    really great to see the picture of your ganesh and the pooja and i pray that god gives you and abhi more happiness for ever
    bye amma

  4. shub50 says:

    Thanks ammuchu! You are the best. and I’m so happy you are reading this!! :).
    I really loved making the kozakattais, and have passed on the recipe to Pp as well :).
    Much love, subbu.

  5. Priya says:

    Dearest Subhu,

    I read your blog and as always absolutely love it – one because it is so well written, two because it is so heartfelt and three because you totally speak my mind in some of these 🙂 amazing stuff….


  6. the_on_switch says:

    Beautiful writing shuba, a very nice space to rest in for a while.

    with love x

  7. EnKay says:

    Stumbled on to your blog from Suman. Love the gentleness that most posts evoke. Bookmarked!

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