About me

I am Shuba, and its hard to describe me, as it is to describe anyone in generic words. I will try anyway: Iā€™m fun-loving, a die-hard romantic, an eternal optimist, a spiritual seeker, a buddhist, a hindu, unconventional, traditional, in love, and blessed. I love baking, knitting, watching hindi movies, singing, dancing, yoga, meditating, meeting my girl-friends, reading and playing chess with my daalu, the love of my life. Becoming a mom to my daughter on September 11, 2010 began a new journey of self-transformation, and I write frequently of the quality of metta that this journey brings into my life.


21 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dearest Shuba! I love your blog! Your essence comes through your writing so beautifully. Thank you dear friend. With Love, Laura

  2. My dear Subha,
    Delighted to read ur blog and happy that you are experiencing ur trueself.Ur writings are wonderful and this sharing of ur growth towards eternal enlightenment will inspire one and all.Keep it up and enjoy each momont of life with ur Dalu Abhi.With love,

  3. Dear Periamma,
    Thank you for your lovely words. I’m so happy that you could read the blog! Thats the beauty of internet, isn’t it! It can connect us through thousands of miles! :). I will always cherish your calm and loving face, energy and presence. I’m looking forward to seeing you this December!! :).
    Love, shub.

  4. Hi Shuba

    Lovely to see your blog. I wished I lived near you to taste the Dhal Makhani cooked by your daalu and your baking.

    How are things? When are you going to India? Any chance of visiting us on the way?

    Can you add more pics for us to enjoy?

    Lots of love to you and Abhi


  5. Hi Padmini chithi!
    Delighted to hear from you! Next time we meet, I know Abhi would love to make dal makhani for you! :). We are going to India in December (13th-31st). This time, our stop-over is in Milan-that was the best deal we could get. Which means, I can say I’ll be in Milan on my birthday (14th). Even if its for 2 hrs in an airport ;).

    Abhi and I hope to make a trip to Europe sometime, maybe next year. I hope you can visit us here too!

    Meanwhile, there is ofcourse the blog :).

  6. dear subbu
    i am happy to go through your experiance with music and wish you to write more about your experiance in the field. It is really a god given gift for you which makes you to enjoy such heavenly things

  7. Now now now.. its been an aboslutely lovely afternoon meandering through the thoughts and actions of my wonderful sister! Since i read a lot of your blogs at the same time.. and loved every one of them.. i dont know what to give a special mention to! šŸ™‚ Happy diwali my dear shub.. I really love you very very much!thats not a sudden realisation šŸ˜‰ Just that reading these words coming from your heart typed by your hands fills me with a giant rush of love and then gratitude to the universe around me (could be read GOD) for having brought us together in this most special bond!
    Love always,

  8. Dear Shuba,

    I came here by chance looking for someone called Shuba (you weren’t by any chance in nyc a week ago, were you?)
    and I found this wonderful blog! Very inspiring and I’ll sure come back šŸ™‚

    All the best!

  9. Dear Subha,

    This is Uma from CA. Nice to read Your blogs. Just returned from Vipassana meditation retreat. Great to know that You adore Buddhism. He was a great scientist even 25 centuries ago. Happy new year. With love, Uma

  10. I agree – Buddha was a great scientist, and a great psychologist too! It is lovely to hear from you Uma, and I hope you are having an easeful landing into life after retreat. Wish you a peace and metta filled new year!


  11. Dear shuba ,

    your written words bring back to my mind the talks waking along the cycles home. I may have not been of a maturity to absorb them , but now when you are soaking up experiences under the sun the warmth and the memories rush back to you.

    Thank you for the words then, now and for ever


  12. Dearest Subhadra,
    God.. How long I’ve been waiting to spk with my dearest fren from PEC. I was very excited seeing your blog today (It was truly unexpected that I would get in touch with my Subha after 9 yrs.). How can I forget ‘GWTW and Deceptions’ days. I still cherish them. You are truly adorable and everyone would love to have you as a fren. Am so happy for you, for the long way you’ve come. Do keep in touch.

    With Love,

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