the stories of the mind…

if your mind is anything like mine, it weaves a dozen stories each day about yourself, that all point to unworthiness and judgment in some way. I have noticed that one of the favorite pastimes of my mind is to berate myself, undermine and second guess me, or watch to see when I will fail. sounds terrible doesn’t it ? that’s just what my mind does sometimes. sometimes, I’m smart enough and centered enough to ignore all its complaints with me. and every now and then, I get caught up.

I get caught in the stories my mind tells me, and I start believing in them. and I start kicking and self-flagellating myself. I get caught, and lost in a maze. and then, somehow the moment comes, when I get tired listening to the stories, take a deep breath, and decide I have had enough. I get lost, yes. but I always come back. I find my way back with mindfulness. compassion. love and appreciation of what I have. the things I do. the things my heart does. and sometimes I ask – why ? why did I do that. why did I believe all those lies about myself. perhaps it is my mind’s reaction to stress. to find a way to tell me that things are not right with it. so once I get back, I listen. I pay attention and I forgive and console. and smile.

the mind is a butterfly – one moment this, one moment that. but the heart. the heart is a steady strong flame that stays unwaveringly bright in the wind.

may we listen to our hearts,
with love, S.