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on November 21, 2008

Anuranan means resonance or harmony. This I know from a beautiful indian movie by the same name, that has quickly become one of my favorites. I have seen this movie three times so far, and with everytime, there is something new that comes out of it. It is a deep meaningful movie about relationships, set at times against the sheer majestic unparalleled beauty of Mt.Kanchenjunga in the Himalayas. The movie is beautiful visually and in the way it handles the complexity of relationships.

Coming back to anuranan. when two people connect – and there is this harmony, this resonance in their ideas and their spirit, that’s when anuranan happens. we all have experienced anuranan at various times. a chance conversation deepening into a flow of ideas that relates directly to our essence. or just two people feeling exactly the same way at the same time. empathy. anuranan happens when we tune into the universal consciousness that connects us all. and at these times words no longer define relationships. as the protagonist of ‘anuranan’ says: ‘relationships become a way to connect with the divine’.

Yesterday was one such day-where I had the opportunity to be part of or see through experiences of loved ones, how relationships enrich us, how they bring us alive. And I am speaking not just of the relationships we give names to, like husband, wife, father, mother, sister, friend, but the unnamed ones as well. the relationships with other human beings. when we stop defining each other is when these relationships deepen. and they lend meaning to life the way nothing else can. It is amazing when two human beings connect. whether it be for a moment or a lifetime. it is a moment when beauty happens effortlessly. and we create something.

Last evening, I told Abhi: ‘I am going to call my sister’. He brought something to my attention – that whenever I mention my sister, I always use the words ‘sister’ rather than her name. Suddenly it brought something to my focus. what if I forgot for a moment that she was my sister – what if I simply saw her as a fellow human being on this journey of life. what if I forgot to give a name to the relationship. then, I found, all the barriers fall apart. it became easier to see her struggles, her wishes, her hopes, her dreams with clear vision unclouded by attachments. it then becomes the pure connecting of spirit.

Giving names to relationships limits us. and anuranan liberates us. it doesn’t happen all the time. but I have found, it always happens when you are willing to go deeper and see the soul of another person-and invite them to see yours.

may we all have anuranan in our lives.
with love, S.


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